5-axis machining


Ultra-high-performance tool path option for optimum productivity

Speed up your machining operations with VoluMill: the ultra-high-performance tool path option!

VoluMill, revolutionary tool path innovation for maximum productivity in your company. By integrating VoluMill into our XCAP CAM SOFTWAREsoftware, we offer you powerful, fast and efficient features that will considerably improve your machining process. Discover VoluMill’s key benefits today: reduced cycle times, extended tool life, elimination of uncut material and a secure increase in your machine’s output.
Get ready to revolutionize your milling shop with VoluMill.

Maximize your productivity:

VoluMill is designed to optimize the productivity of your machining operation. Thanks to its ultra-fast, continuous tool path, VoluMill considerably reduces machining times. Smooth, efficient tool movements reduce cycle times, resulting in a significant increase in your machine’s overall output. With VoluMill, you can exploit the full potential of your workshop and meet your customers’ needs more quickly and efficiently.

Reduce cycle times:

Thanks to its advanced technology, VoluMill can significantly reduce machining cycle times. Optimized tool paths ensure shorter travels and shorter cutting times. This means you can complete your projects more quickly, and improve your competitiveness in the marketplace. Whether for complex parts or mass production, VoluMill is your ally in reducing machining times and increasing your company’sefficiency.

Extend the life of your tools:

VoluMill’ s optimized management of tool movements helps extend the life of your milling tools. Smooth, continuous trajectories reduce excessive loads and vibrations, minimizing premature tool wear. By preserving the quality and longevity of your tools, the VoluMill module help to save on tooling and replacement costs, while maintaining optimum machining performance.

Achieve perfection: 100% roughing pass for unsurpassed quality:

One of VoluMill’s major advantages is its ability to deliver a roughing pass of up to 100% without uncut material. Thanks to its ultra-fast tool path, VoluMill efficiently removes uncut material, delivering high-quality finishes and reducing the time needed for subsequent finishing operations.