ZW3D CAD/CAM software - High-performance machining

With its unique interface for designing and machining parts, ZW3D CAD/CAM software is available in three versions, all of which meet a precise need for 3D designers and machinists. Discover them now.

3 different versions means 3 times more chance of finding the right CAD/CAM software for your needs!


ZW3D 2-Axis

1.800€ HT

Ideal for getting started with CAD/CAM, ZW3D 2 Axes guides you to discover the world of 3D: opening 3D files (CATIA, SolidWorks, STEP, IGES…), machining parts in 2-axis turning or milling…

Master basic 3D CAD/CAM quickly.

Quickly master basic 3D CAD/CAM.


ZW3D 3-Axis

4.000€ HT

ZW3D 3 Axes is ideal for machining your parts in continuous 3-axis and positioned 5-axis.

Excellent alternative to the leading 3D CAD/CAM solutions on the market, it boasts functionalities totally unheard of at this price level.


ZW3D Premium

6.500€ HT

ZW3D Premium is the ultimate version for designing and machining your parts.

With all the design and manufacturing functions of the other versions included, this is the most complete version available, for working without limits.


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