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In order to always guide you towards the software best suited to your needs, our products cannot be purchased directly online. However, you can request a quote directly from us at the bottom of this page, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If you have a request for products or services not shown on this page, please contact us.


ZW3D Lite

1.500 € EXCL.

Ideal for beginners, ZW3D Lite helps you discover the world of 3D CAD.

Fromopening 3D files (STEP, IGES, SolidWorks, Catia…), through drawing and dimensioning, to designing 3D models, learn the basics of 3D CAD.

ZW3D Standard

2.700 € EXCL.

ZW3D Standard is ideal for 3D object and mechanical design.

An excellent alternative to the main 3D CAD solutions on the market, it offers totally new functionalities at this price level. Treat yourself to a complete, high-performance software package.

ZW3D Professional

4.000 € EXCL. TAX

ZW3D Professional is perfect for working seamlessly with solids or surfaces.

What’s more, thanks to the mold module module, you have an intuitive intuitive, high-performance tool for creating mold cavities and carcasses.


ZW3D 2 Axes

1.800 € EXCL.

Ideal for CAD/CAM beginners, ZW3D 2 Axes helps you discover the world of 3D: opens all 3D files ( CATIA, SolidWorks, STEP, IGES… ), 2-axis turning and milling…

Quickly master the basics of 3D CAD/CAM.

ZW3D 3 Axes

4.000 € EXCL. TAX

ZW3D 3 Axes is ideal for 3-axis continuous and 5-axis positioned machining of your parts.

An excellent alternative to the leading 3D CAD/CAM solutions on the market, it offers totally new functionalities at this price level.

ZW3D Premium

6.500 € EXCL.

ZW3D Premium is the ultimate version for the design and machining of your parts.

With all the design and manufacturing functions of the other versions included, this is the most complete version to work without limits.


KeyShot™ for ZW3D

500 excl. VAT under certain conditions

KeyShot™ is ultra high-performance real-time 3D rendering and animation software.

Based on raytracing and global illumination technology, it creates stunning photorealistic images from your 3D models in just a few minutes.

Volumill™ for ZW3D

1.300 € EXCL.

Volumill™ for ZW3D is ahigh-performance roughing solution for your 2-axis and 3-axis machining operations.

The patented VoluMill™ technology generates tool paths that produce a constant material removal rate.

ZW3D 4+5 Axis Add-on

4.800 € EXCL.

This Add-on lets youmachine in continuous 4- and 5-axis mode in ZW3D, with specific, optimized machining cycles.

Please note that you must have a 3 Axis or Premium version of ZW3D for the 4+5 Axis Add-on to work.

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