CAM or Computer-Aided Manufacturing

The aim of computer-aided manufacturing or CAM is to write the file containing the program for controlling a numerically-controlled machine tool. This file describes precisely the movements the machine tool must execute to produce the required part. These files are also known as ISO programs or ISO blocks.

Accessible solutions: CAM in 2.5D

For fast implementation and ease of use, opt for a 2.5D solution like XCAP CAM.
XCAP logo programmed by GP Software CAM or Computer-Aided Manufacturing


Accessible 2.5D CAM software that’s quick to implement, XCAP CAM is our solution for programming your machines for everyday machining. Whether for turning, turning centers or milling, simplicity rhymes with efficiency.

Advanced solutions: 3D CAM

For access to all machining possibilities, from 2 to 5 axes, positionned or continuous, opt for a 3D solution such as OneCNC or ZW3D.


3D CAM software for programming andmachining from 3 to 5 axes, One CNC enables you to perform Milling, Turning, Multi-axis, Turning Center and Cutting. More than 18,000 companies worldwide rely on this solution.

CAM or Computer-Aided Manufacturing
CAM or Computer-Aided Manufacturing


Integrated 3D CAD/CAM software, ZW3D is an easy-to-use, high-performance solution that’s quick and efficient to learn, thanks in particular to hybrid modeling. It’s the ideal tool for moving your business into Industry 4.0.