Connect your MOCNs with ease: from RS232 to WiFi

Connect your CNC machines to your corporate network

At GP Software, we specialize in connecting CNC machines to your corporate network. We know that connectivity is essential to the efficiency of your business, which is why we offer high-performance connection solutions for your machine tools. Whatever type of connection you prefer (Ethernet, WiFi , USB or RS232), we can help you integrate your machines into your existing network.

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Ethernet, WiFi , USB or RS232: all types of connection are possible

Our team is experienced in integrating different types of connections for your machine tools. We offer fast, reliable Ethernet connections, convenient WiFi connections, USB and traditional RS232 connections for remote calling. We can advise you on the best type of connection for your workshop, depending on your specific requirements. Whether you need a wired or wireless connection, our team can help you find the right solution.

Tips for building your machine network

We can also advise you on the construction of your machine network, so that you can benefit from optimum connectivity and efficient workshop management. We install your network after selecting the hardware and software best suited to your needs.

Optimize workshop productivity with XCAP Program management & DNC

Our XCAP Program Management & DNC software can help maximize your shop’s efficiency by enabling centralized, streamlined management of your CNC machine network. Using our expertise, we can help you set up an efficient system to manage and transfer your manufacturing programs with ease.

To find out more about our XCAP Program Management & DNC software and discover how it can improve your shop floor, click on “Learn more” below.

Industry leaders put their trust in us

Machine connection

Courbis Industrie

More than 20 machines networked and RS232 on 4 independent transfer stations. And, 6 brands of unified digital controls in transfer.
Machine connection

LINAMAR Saint Chamond

Installation of a WiFi network covering an area the size of 2 soccer stadiums. With over 30 machines and workstations connected to the network.
Machine connection

Goutagny AG MECA

12 machines in RS232 on several transfer stations. Creation of a workshop network to enable transfer from all workstations.


Thanks to the networked connectivity of over 20 machines at Montabert, production data is centralized in real time, enabling precise monitoring and control of the entire manufacturing process.

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Do you have questions about connecting your CNC machines to your corporate network? Contact us to find out more about our connectivity solutions and machine network consulting. We’re here to help you optimize productivity and improve profitability with high-performance, efficient connectivity solutions.

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