A concentration of our know-how in applications dedicated to your business.

Specific developments

GP Software has the capacity to develop applications that meet the needs expressed by our customers and prospects. In particular, our expertise has been required for the development of specific applications in Solidworks, Spaceclaim and ZW3D software. We also develop complete business applications.

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Examples of specific developments

They have put their trust in us to develop their applications.

Palletiser software

GP Software has put all its expertise into creating software capable of controlling the palletisers marketed by BF Industries.

Developed in close collaboration, XCAP Pallet Management is an application that enables simple, optimised use of the machines, thanks to its accessible interface and 3D simulation tools.

Panel machining

Located in the heart of the Rhône Valley vineyards in Ardèche (07 France), TRIGANO VDL designs caravans and motorhomes under the Caravelair, Sterckeman, Challenger and Chausson brands. For them, we developed a specific extension to XCAP CAM for cutting caravan panels. We have also developed a gateway between Solid Works and XCAP CAM to standardise the export of design files to manufacturing.


XCAP CONCRETE BLOCKS was originally a simple specific development for ZW3D. It has now become a software package in its own right and operates independently of ZW3D.

It is an automatic nesting solution for concrete blocks. Easy to use, quick to implement and compatible with all 3D CAD systems, XCAP BLOCS BÉTON is a solution favoured by many construction professionals.

Visit our dedicated website to find out more.

Num to Fagor conversion

Once again, GP Software has gone to great lengths to satisfy its customers, offering to develop an ISO Num to Fagor translator for machine tool manufacturer Somab.

Originally, Somab integrated Num numerical controls into its machines. For some years now, it has also been integrating Fagor brand numerical controls.

To meet the needs of Somab’s customers, GP Software has worked closely with the company to develop a tool that can translate an ISO Num program into ISO Fagor. This method saves Somab customers a considerable amount of time.