One CNC – 3D workshop CAM


  • Simple 3D CAD for programming your turning and milling parts.
  • Workshop-oriented approach for rapid commissioning.
  • Interface intuitive for easy use.


  • All machining technologies available on a single software package: turning, turning center, multi-axis milling and wire, laser or waterjet cutting.
  • A complete solution to meet all your machining needs.
  • All the features gathered in one software for efficient use.


      • Active Cut technology from One CNC for significant improvements in machining times.
      • Increased tool and machine tool life.
      • Optimization of performance for increased productivity.


      Are you looking for a high-performance 3D CAM solution that’s simple and accessible? One CNC is just what you need… Since 2009, GP Software has been the exclusive distributor of One CNC in France. It’s a 3D CAM solution for programming and machining from 3 to 5 axes. One CNC lets you do Milling, Turning, Multi-axis, Turning Center. More than 18,000 companies are equipped worldwide.

      One CNC
      One CNC
      One CNC



      2 to 3 axis machining

      The milling module from One CNC offers a complete range of solutions for the manufacture of parts in 2 and 3 axes. One CNC includes features to address the automotive, aerospace, medical and consumer products markets.

      Toolpaths include Active Cut technology, giving you the means to gain efficiency in part manufacturing. One CNC Fraisage is a complete, fast, easy-to-use, high-performance CAM solution.

      One CNC
      One CNC

      Multi-axis machining

      Multi-axis machining significantly enhances a company’s competitiveness. Its simple, intuitive interface ensures a smooth transition from the milling module.

      With One CNC, have complete control over all elements of multi-axis machining from placement of the machining plane
      to tool clearance and collision avoidance.

      Whether 4-axis continuous, spiral around the workpiece or 5-axis simultaneous with excellent surface finish, One CNC is designed to simplify even the most complex jobs.


      2-axis turning

      One CNC Tournage offers you a set of tools for programming, from the creation of a wire model or a solid with the ability to import models.

      One CNC Turning offers a set of basic and advanced programming tools, with a wizard for roughing, finishing, grooving, boring and drilling operations. Reliable tool path verification gives you the confidence to make the most complex parts on your machine.

      One CNC
      One CNC

      Turning center

      The tools and simulation in the One CNC center de tournage module give you a logical and visual way of programming your lathes,
      One CNC turning center simplifies the most complex parts by providing a wizard for all the
      the machining plans for these parts.

      One CNC turning center has been designed to combine powerful trajectories in milling and turning. It offers the best
      techniques combined with visual collision detection methods.


      Wire EDM

      From 2 to 4-axis cutting, One CNC wire EDM delivers all the tools for simple, efficient programming.

      Designed for ease of use, One CNC wire EDM reduces programming time and the risk of error. Roughing and multiple passes simultaneously on different parts are no problem, whether the cutting is internal or external, thanks to automatic compensation.

      One CNC
      One CNC

      Laser / waterjet cutting

      Thelaser cutting-waterjet module is a complete solution for design and machining. This includes CAD integrated with CAM, to create the parts to be machined.

      This module features unique geometry construction functions. Depending on the version, it incorporates hybrid modeling tools that enable you to create detailed, accurate 3D models simply and efficiently.