Training program

XCAP CAM Turning

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Duration: 3 days

Day 1
  • Presentation of the turning center module
  • Turning Technology
  • Milling technology
  • Analogy with lathes and machining centers
  • Standard M and G codes
  • Application
Day 2
  • Roughing, copying and finishing cycles
  • FANUC G71 and G72 functions
  • Threading cycles-
  • Large threading cycles Recall ISO threading characteristics.
  • Fixed cycle machines.
  • Frontal and radial groove cycles.
  • Cutting cycles
  • Bar feeder, bar puller or bar feeder
  • Application
Day 3
  • Use of power tools
  • Using the C axis (initialization, clamping, braking)
  • Concepts of work plan, programming reference and axis unit
  • Polar and Cartesian front worktops. Creation and use
  • Machining in the frontal plane (polar and Cartesian)
  • Understand linear and circular interpolations in different planes G12.1-G13.1
  • Use and limits of the Y axis
  • End machining with the Y axis. Polygon machining
  • Side worktop
  • Application