Training program


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Duration: 3 days

Day 1
  • Geometric module. Points, Lines, Circles, Segments, Arcs.
  • Creation of a drawing.
  • Quotation, labels, prints.
  • Advanced graphic functions (fillet, chamfer, stretch, reduce, rotate).
  • Printer output
  • Implementation
Day 2
  • Machining cycles and machining methods
  • Threading and thread cutter
  • Contouring cycle
  • Micro junction
  • Implementation
  • Commitments and clearances on a contour
  • The machining range (creation, modification)
  • Execution of a machining operation
  • 2D and 3D machining simulation
  • Implementation
Day 3
  • Movement controls.
  • Linear and circular interpolation
  • Automatic rounding angle control (G48/G49)
  • Rounded corner radius command (R, R)
  • Workpiece with constant/irregular angle (G60/G61)
  • Understand and use the M functions specific to EXCETEK wire (M13,M15,M20,M22,…).
  • Implementation. Shift control (G40, G41, G42)
  • Draft machining, Adjustment
  • Code G50, G51, G52 and T wire inclination
  • Thread compensation
  • Straightness compensation
  • Cutting in 4 axis
  • XY and UV coordinates, KL
  • Implementation