Training program


Duration: 3 days



un seul logiciel
    • Presentation of the workspace
    • Menu bar, tool bar, display tools, selection tools
    • Tree of creation
    • Getting started with the software and using the basic commands
    • Graphic manipulation tools: Zoom / Rotate / Pan
    • Selections, helpers, shortcuts
    • Introduction to modeling
Concept of 2D sketch
    • Presentation of sketching tools (line, polyline, arcs, rectangles, etc.)
    • Construction lines / Adjustment tools
    • Rules applicable to drafts
    • Dimensional / geometric stress
    • Tools for checking constraints and closed profiles
    • Analysis of the different states of a sketch
    • Editing a sketch, redefining the sketch plan
    • Application exercises
Simple part modeling
    • Creation of a 3D object from a 2D sketch using basic volume functions. (Extrusion/revolution)
    • Creation of cylinders, spheres, elementary volumes
    • Creation of fillets/channels/drills
    • Material removal function
    • The functions of repetitions / symmetries
    • Modeling methodology according to the part to be modeled
    • Understanding of the construction tree
    • Application exercises
Stacking of single parts
      • Concept of assembly
      • Creation of an assembly of parts (internal / external components)
      • Constraints on the positioning of parts in an assembly
      • Component concepts
      • Stress and interference analysis tools
      • Application exercises
Use of drawings
        • Inserting standard views
        • Insertion of projected views, sectional views, detail views, …
        • Add quotation
        • Dressing of dimensions (tolerance, prefix, …)
        • Printing of plans
        • Associativity between the 3D model and the drawing
        • Background / document template
        • Application exercises