A unified network of machines, from RS232 to WiFi.

Connection of the machines

Connecting your CNC machines and integrating them into your company network is one of our specialties. Ethernet, WiFi or RS232, all types of connections are possible. We can also advise you in the construction of your machine network. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Picto connexion des machines en flat design
Connexion des machines

Courbis Industrie

More than 20 machines connected in network and RS232 on 4 independent transfer stations. And, 6 brands of unified numerical controls in transfer.

Connexion des machines

LINAMAR Saint Chamond

Installation of a WiFi network covering an area the size of 2 soccer stadiums. With more than 30 machines and computer stations connected to the network.

Connexion des machines

Goutagny AG MECA

12 machines in RS232 on several transfer stations. Realization of the workshop network to allow a transfer from all the stations.

Some pictures of installed equipment...